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Is your dog child-friendly, respectful, under verbal control and reliable? Are you community minded and empathetic and do you have time to volunteer once a week in the evening? If you and your dog answer yes, please complete our volunteer application below.

You don't have a dog, but want to help? You have a dog, but don't think he or she is a likely candidate? Chenny Troupe still needs YOU. We need help with special events, volunteer recruitment, our newsletter, and administrative help in the office. We also use volunteers without dogs to help our program leaders, to occasionally handle a volunteer's second dog or the program leader's dog, and to collect information about our work. Please complete the volunteer application below and let us know what your special talents and interests are.

If you'd rather print out an application and send it via US Mail instead, you may download it here.

Part One - Tell us About Yourself

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How would you like to help Chenny Troupe?* (check all that interest you)
Volunteer in a program with a dog
Volunteer in a program without a dog
Administrative Support (mailings, help in the office)
Help recruit volunteers, plan volunteer activities
Marketing, Public Relations
Fundraising, Special Events
On-site Program Observation and Evaluation
Newsletter and/or Website Production

How did you hear about Chenny Troupe and why do you want to work with us?*

Tell us about your prior volunteer experiences. Do you have any experience in working with disabled persons?*

Please comment here if you have any additional comments, questions or suggestions regarding the application:

Part Two - Tell Us About Your Dog
(Skip this if you did not select "Volunteer in a program with a dog")

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Behavior Questions

Does your dog understand hand signals?
Yes    No

Does your dog get along with people? 
Yes     No

Does your dog get along with other dogs?
Yes     No

Is your dog shy/nervous around large crowds?
Yes     No

Do you consider your dog reliable on "sit/stay" and "down/stay" commands in distracting conditions?
Yes     No

Is your dog under reliable control off-lead?
Yes     No

Has your dog had formal obedience training?
Yes     No

Please list any special tricks your dog performs, if any:

Please send us the test reservation form in the mail along with our informational packet.

If you check this option, we will send you a test reservation form along with the test prep materials, and you can send the reservation form and $25 fee in when you and your dog feel ready to test!

If you and your dog would like to reserve your spot in our testing program as soon as possible you can print out the Test Reservation Form and mail it in with your reservation fee. You will receive a confirmation call that we received your reservation, as well as a packet containing test prep materials.