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NEWS: November 8, 2003

Meet our New Therapy Teams

Congratulations to the new members of the Chenny Troupe! Three new teams will become active volunteers from our November 8 testing period. Read below for the official bio's of our new therapy teams.

our new dog therapy teams
New therapy dog teams: Allyson Heumann and Maximillian,
Sally Weiner and Ida, and Nancy Goldstein and Dave

Meet Dave, owned by Nancy Goldstein

Dave Robert Goldstein is a friendly 2 year old black lab. He lives in Wilmette with his proud family: Bill (14), Carolyn (16), Nancy and Sandor Goldstein. He is named after his father Dave and his family's Rabbi, Rabbi Robert Max, who lobbied from the pulpit at Carolyn's Bat Mitzvah for her family to get her a dog!! Dave is honored to be a Chenny Troupe dog.