Chenny Troupe Video

See the Chenny Troupe in Action!

Discover the Chenny Troupe in this short video available in four parts below.  Learn about our dogs, our volunteers and our programs and see first hand Chenny Troupe's role in client rehabilitation. 

Chenny Troupe Video Part 1

Part 1: Mary Ann and Tag discover the Chenny Troupe.

(3 min 16 sec, 3.53 MB - .wmv)

Chenny Troupe Video Part 2

Part 2: Chenny Troupe programs and clients; Chenny Troupe dog requirements.

(2 min 49 sec, 3.03 MB - .wmv)

Chenny Troupe Video Part 3

Part 3: The Chenny Troupe Program at La Rabida Children's Hospital.

(3 min 19 sec, 3.58 MB - .wmv)

Chenny Troupe Video Part 4

Part 4: The difference the Chenny Troupe makes.

(2 min 10 sec, 2.28 MB - .wmv)

Video Credits:

  • Produced and Written By Sylvia Giannini
  • Narrated By Clark Weber
  • Filmed By Mike Turano, Bill Glader
  • Edited by Bill Glader
  • Funding for this Video Provided By The James Lee and Annanette Harper Family Foundation
  • Funding for Chicago Video Project Provided By The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Produced By Chicago Video Project

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