About Chenny Troupe


Chenny Troupe was founded in 1991 as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors, most of whom have worked in programs and an Advisory Council of human and canine medical professionals. A small professional staff with the help of many volunteers, provide program and administrative support for the organization.

Chenny Troupe has adopted a mission statement stating our commitment to reach the largest number of clients we can through the development of model programs that can be shared with other healthcare providers. In order to achieve this, Chenny Troupe must develop research tools and collect empirical data so that we can state with scientific evidence what we believe to be true, that goal oriented animal-assisted therapy is a valid and effective adjunct therapy for a wide variety of populations.

If you have medical research skills or are interested in helping to develop model programs based on our physical or psychosocial rehabilitation programs, we would love to talk with you further.

If you are a medical professional who is interesting in working with us on study development or program development, we would love to talk with you!

In the fall of 2002, we were asked to present three one-hour sessions at the 2002 Tufts Animal Expo, in Boston, MA. In its third year, the Tufts Animal Expo is the only veterinary led educational conference for professionals in veterinary medicine, animal care and human health. Chenny Troupe volunteers offered sessions about our unique, interactive approach to AAT, and presented case studies from our most successful programs.